Russer® Sausage, Bologna and Sticks

Produced in the old world tradition, Russer dry sausage is aged slowly from the
inside out in controlled drying rooms. Treat your shoppers to the superior
texture, flavor and variety of Russer bulk deli meats.


Affordable, old-world delicacies.

Russer bologna has a bologna to please every shopper, including Beef, Garlic, Lebanon and Reduced Sodium. Their authentic, oven-baked loaves – Olive, Pepper, and Pickle & Pepper – have made Russer bologna the largest loaf brand in the U.S.

  • Russer beef product shoppers seek premium deli meat at an affordable price
  • They are age 25-54, married with children, mid to high income, and purchase deli meat 3+ times per month

All that’s ever been great about deli™.